winter, warm and cool

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I need to get back into the habit of taking photos with a more artistic eye, rather than just snapshots of my kids. For the winter theme this week, I

photo friday: lights

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the summertime is coming

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Blooming Heather Oh, the summertime is coming and the trees are sweetly blooming and the wild mountain thyme grows around the blooming heather Will ye go, lassie, go? And we’ll

life in a dying city

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  Housekeeping in January Evergreen, evergreen, Your shaggy arm So full of snow. If you look in You know Sheets are clean Once a week. A law says laundry Cannot

the first thread of my red dress

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On Foot I Had to Walk Through the Solar Systems by Edith Södergran On foot I had to walk through the solar systems, before I found the first thread of

the owl of love

Dec/1 By The Owl of Love From the album The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton, by the Clogs I am the owl, the owl of love. At night, I suck

my heart, my home, my beastiary

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I think I have grown grumpy lately for a combination of reasons. One is that winter has long outworn its welcome. I think there are at least twenty posts in

i did what i could

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This is the first winter I have spent in northern Indiana in which I have not yet experienced a seasonal shift in mood. I am pleasantly surprised with myself for

short reflection on an aged greenhouse in winter

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Monday some friends and I visited our local Botanical Garden for the second time, a multi-room greenhouse in disrepair. We parked in back. The gardener spotted us from a distance

the rickety furnaces i depend on

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When the temperatures stay this low, for this long, I think about the planet as a dangerous place. I think about the homeless, or just people who live in drafty