expectant mother parking

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All I can say about my mind lately is that it resembles my sock drawer, which is jammed full but yields precious few wearable pairs when I am in a

a certain shrewdness upon the return of dreaming

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So, it isn’t just a fluke. Esme slept through the night again last night. Well…she did wake up at 10:30 p.m. for a small snack, but that hardly counts since

i have an announcement to make

i have an announcement to make

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This is going to be a really pedestrian mommy post, but I feel the need to share my news with anyone who will listen. Esme, all by herself, with no

the silent answer we have been given

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union square Originally uploaded by amberI have fallen into the bad habit of feeling sorry for myself over the issue of sleep, or lack thereof. So many mothers I know

forcing the queen of sleep

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I have a sizable extended family on my mom’s side. There were eight of us grandchildren who grew up together in Orlando, and we played together fairly regularly, often playing

sloughing off the state of the union

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Jeff usually rides his bike to school, but today he (most apologetically) took the car to school because the roads were unusually clogged with ice and snow. I didn’t care

forget pictures, you need words

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I love this picture of me holding Esme after her baptism. It was the last picture taken before I ran back inside to put her in her “real” clothes for