lo, the winter is past

Mar/18 By

Last year our March, according to the average temperature, was actually the coldest month of winter. This year it has come back in an unrecognizable form, as if it decided

the mysterious nature of tummies

Mar/12 By

I haven’t really blogged much through this pregnancy, and now, as I enter into the narrow tunnel of its finality, in which All Things Childbirth comes into sharp focus, high

sing-steering and chinese holidays

Feb/8 By

I am trying to break away from my tired blog themes and remember how to describe things more immediate. Today would be a good place to begin because it was

i did what i could

Feb/6 By

This is the first winter I have spent in northern Indiana in which I have not yet experienced a seasonal shift in mood. I am pleasantly surprised with myself for

expectant mother parking

Dec/11 By

All I can say about my mind lately is that it resembles my sock drawer, which is jammed full but yields precious few wearable pairs when I am in a

making paradise

Nov/1 By

I am changing, and I don’t know precisely what to blame. Motherhood would be the most obvious; that and time–plain old aging. I used to stay up late and almost

the pregnant version of me

Jul/24 By

I’ve never posted a me picture on my blog, but I thought that I’d allow all my long distance friends to see what I look like pregnant. I’m 31 weeks