winter, warm and cool

Jan/27 By

I need to get back into the habit of taking photos with a more artistic eye, rather than just snapshots of my kids. For the winter theme this week, I

photo friday: evening light

Jun/1 By

If you blog, then join us for Photo Friday. Next week’s theme is black and white (interpreted any way you like). Post a photo or set of photos, and then

photo friday: quiet

Apr/27 By

might be a bike which no one is riding, a shore at which no one is sitting, a restaurant at which no one is dining, a lamp which has been

photo friday: walls

Feb/17 By

but not formidable ones. Instead, ones that open into avenue, and sometimes: sky.  

the obvious thematic quality of doors

Aug/30 By

I’ve taken a lot of photos of doors in the past two years, without consciously setting out to do so. I recently photographed the door above while visiting my sister

favorites from colorado

Jul/22 By

We just returned from a trip to Colorado with my in-laws. Intensive time with family always churns up many thoughts about, well, family, leisure time, lifestyle. I’d like to write

waiting for transformative conditions

Jul/11 By

  A few weeks ago, Jeff sat on my little digital camera and the zoom lens got jammed down into itself. It wasn’t really his fault, considering that I left