photo friday: black & white

Jun/8 By

I rarely, if ever, take photos in black and white, and so this week’s theme was an interesting assignment for me. Immediately, I thought of the film grain mode on

photo friday: evening light

Jun/1 By

If you blog, then join us for Photo Friday. Next week’s theme is black and white (interpreted any way you like). Post a photo or set of photos, and then

photo friday: on the sidewalk

May/25 By

Photo Friday

photo friday: white

May/18 By

  These are old photos, all from South Bend, with the bottom two taken on the campus of Notre Dame. They do not really fit in with the spring season

photo friday: tiny things (or) the fallen petals that made our spring

May/11 By

Photo Friday

photo friday: green

May/4 By

“Behind the facade of the familiar, strange things await us. This is true of our homes, the place where we live, and, indeed, of those with whom we live. Friendships and

photo friday: quiet

Apr/27 By

might be a bike which no one is riding, a shore at which no one is sitting, a restaurant at which no one is dining, a lamp which has been

photo friday: orange

Apr/20 By

    Orange is a warm color and it is easy to find in our neighborhood. If I could not spot it in the fall pumpkins, spring flowers, or facades

photo friday: bright sadness

Apr/13 By

  Bright sadness is a difficult and abstract theme and I was at a loss for what to post today. Everything I came up with looked either stale and predictable,

photo friday: looking up (in and around a mountain cabin)

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