winter, warm and cool

Jan/27 By

I need to get back into the habit of taking photos with a more artistic eye, rather than just snapshots of my kids. For the winter theme this week, I

photo friday: abundance

Nov/8 By

Halloween always feels to me like the kick-off to a season of abundance which lasts until Christmas is over. The abundance train is picking up speed now and will reach

photo friday: complicated

Oct/25 By

My photos this week are from another recent trip to North Carolina. They are not complicated photos. On the contrary, they reflect my desire to grasp simplicity and escape from

photo friday: neutral tones

Nov/9 By

“As long as one small street is left to us,  the whole sky still stretches above us.” – Etty Hillesum Photo Friday

photo friday: gold

Oct/12 By

Photo Friday

photo friday: fragments

Sep/14 By

I am very absorbed right now in arranging our home. More things seem out of place than in place right now. All I want is for it to feel cozy

photo friday: end of summer

Aug/24 By

Goodbye, summer. Photo Friday

photo friday: the sad place

Aug/17 By

If you have not read Amber’s blog entry about “the sad place,” posted last week, I would recommend doing so. The lesson is simple but true, and wise, and I

photo friday: old and new

Aug/10 By

me esme me elsa This was a challenging theme for me. It just so happens that I started going through old photos and scanning them and got completely sucked in.

photo friday: true blue

Jun/15 By

For true blue, why not skies? One over the state of Wisconsin, complemented by a bright blue truck;  two over Lake Michigan, over a bright volley ball net, and over