photo friday: bright sadness

Apr/13 By

  Bright sadness is a difficult and abstract theme and I was at a loss for what to post today. Everything I came up with looked either stale and predictable,

it was embittered

Apr/27 By

This fragment from the Amy Clampitt poem On the Disadvantages of Central Heating keeps going through my head this spring over and over and over again like a scratched record:

leaning back against the weight of lifting them

Apr/20 By

Into Hell and Out Again By Scott Cairns In this Byzantine-inflected icon of the Resurrection, the murdered Christ is still in Hell, the chief issue being that this Resurrection is

the charm of 5:30

Apr/7 By

  The Charm of 5:30 by David Berman It’s too nice a day to read a novel set in England. We’re within inches of the perfect distance from the sun,

monks have their vigil

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This past Easter I was experiencing a weird foot pain that kept getting worse. It culminated at the Paschal vigil itself, where it hurt even to take a few steps,