bright week, interrupted

May/1 By

On Easter day I should not have sat down at my computer, because it was the feast of feasts, and I should have known better. But I am still learning;

the rainbow sign

Mar/11 By

While putting Esme down for her nap today I sang Kermit the Frog’s rainbow song. Actually, I don’t know the title, only that it begins by asking the question: Why

andy, through cindy-shaped glasses

Jun/29 By

Today we went to the Chicago funeral of Andrew W., husband of Cindy, my dear friend and also Esme’s godmother. Here they are together at Esme’s baptism, just a short

to normal, and back again

Mar/18 By

I took this photo today from our car as we were leaving the town of Normal, Illinois. Normal is three and a half hours away from where we live and

lenten cooking for the fainthearted

Mar/16 By

Some people love cookbooks and collect a wide variety as an end in itself. I just bought a Rachel Ray entertaining cookbook for my sister-in-law for Christmas because that’s what

fat tuesday meets compunction already in progress

Feb/21 By

Yesterday evening was spiritually disjointed in a way that is becoming familiar. Being at Notre Dame, it makes sense that most of our friends are Catholic. Therefore when we accepted

esme means loved

Nov/11 By

The name Esme (pronounced “ez-may”) is a word that comes from the Old French and means “loved,” or “esteemed.” Before Esme’s arrival, Jeff and I had hours of useless conversation