the gentle bush

Jul/4 By

“Let the gentle bush dig its roots deep and spread upward to split the boulder.” – Carl Sandburg * * * In lieu of a poem today, a quote by

a gift from elsewhere

Jun/27 By

The Arch by Patricia Lockwood Of all living monuments has the fewest facts attached to it, they slide right off its surface, no Lincoln lap for them to sit on

a fairer house

May/22 By

  I dwell in Possibility A fairer house than prose, More numerous of windows– Superior for doors. Of chambers as the cedars, Impregnable of eye And for an everlasting roof

an arrangement with the heartland

Mar/7 By

  Loam    by Carl Sandburg In the loam we sleep, In the cool moist loam, To the lull of years that pass And the break of stars, From the loam,

that was then, this is now

Jul/6 By

I feel that I should say something about our recent move, even though the sum total of my life and thoughts right now are already on other things. The major