my heart, my home, my beastiary

Mar/2 By

I think I have grown grumpy lately for a combination of reasons. One is that winter has long outworn its welcome. I think there are at least twenty posts in

the rainbow sign

Mar/11 By

While putting Esme down for her nap today I sang Kermit the Frog’s rainbow song. Actually, I don’t know the title, only that it begins by asking the question: Why

lenten cooking for the fainthearted

Mar/16 By

Some people love cookbooks and collect a wide variety as an end in itself. I just bought a Rachel Ray entertaining cookbook for my sister-in-law for Christmas because that’s what

fat tuesday meets compunction already in progress

Feb/21 By

Yesterday evening was spiritually disjointed in a way that is becoming familiar. Being at Notre Dame, it makes sense that most of our friends are Catholic. Therefore when we accepted

don’t leave your heart at the movies

Feb/17 By

I spent several hours tinkering with my computer the past few days, on the phone with apple technical support. Everyone I talked to there was very nice, but I’d rather