pines to assuage the darkness

Jul/10 By

Photo by Amber Schley Iragui Around Us by Marvin Bell We need some pines to assuage the darkness when it blankets the mind, we need a silvery stream that banks

the end of an ideal, and also a beginning

May/10 By

I’ve been trying to write down the story of Elsa’s birth now for several weeks (it was exactly three weeks yesterday), and keep getting interrupted. This makes sense considering that

lo, the winter is past

Mar/18 By

Last year our March, according to the average temperature, was actually the coldest month of winter. This year it has come back in an unrecognizable form, as if it decided

childbirth without fear

Aug/9 By

Yesterday a friend brought his two year-old child to our house so I grabbed the most toy-like thing we had on hand–my matryoshka dolls–and set them out for his entertainment.