serving notice yet again

serving notice yet again

Oct/31 By

  The Edge of the Hurricane by Amy Clampitt Wheeling, the careening winds arrive with lariats and tambourines of rain. Torn-to-pieces, mud-dark flounces of Caribbean cumulus keep passing, keep passing.

a good summer poem, now that summer is here

Jun/8 By

The Humming-birds by Amy Lowell Up–up–water shooting, Jet of water, white and silver, Tinkling with the morning sun-bells. Red as sun-blood, whizz of fire, Shock of fire-spray and water. it

it was embittered

Apr/27 By

This fragment from the Amy Clampitt poem On the Disadvantages of Central Heating keeps going through my head this spring over and over and over again like a scratched record:

swarming reassurances

Jun/16 By

  Grasses by Amy Clampitt Undulant across the slopes a gloss of purple day by day arrives to dim the green, as grasses I never learned the names of– numberless,

the perishing residue of pure sensation

Jan/27 By

Some weeks ago my sweet friend Molly told me about a circle of women bloggers who post a poem every Wednesday. She encouraged me to join in, thinking that I