photo friday: complicated

Posted by on October 25, 2013

Lichen and the Blue Ridge Mountains (diptych) © 2013 Julia Mason Wickes.

My photos this week are from another recent trip to North Carolina. They are not complicated photos. On the contrary, they reflect my desire to grasp simplicity and escape from the complications of everyday life. I think complication and complexity are the norm–the inflated currency of our time. You need a barrel of it to buy a single moment of simplicity, it seems. So rest assured that I am not exempt from this bad economy; I am swimming in it just like everyone else. I wish I knew how to construct an uncomplicated life, short of taking monastic vows, but right now life feels as complicated as ever, and in the most banal and mundane ways.

People are coming to work on our basement today. In preparation we had to move everything we have stored in the basement at least four feet away from all the walls. This was so disruptive to our sleeping clutter and my cherished, sleeping notion that this clutter is not a real problem. I see now that it is a big problem–one which is, for me, almost paralyzing. Moving things around forced me to face all of the unnecessary things we are now undeniably hoarding down there. My husband even had to move a few unwieldy things (some of which, to be fair, were already down in the basement when we moved in) out behind our house. Our tidy neighbors are really going to be thrilled to find that they are living next to Sanford & Son. So, in short, the uncomplicated scenes reflected in these photos were each payed for dearly by a big fat wad of cash–the price of many and sundry complications of traveling with two little kids and a dog, and other uncategorized and uncategorizable (that’s not a real word) details of life. I hope that one day I can construct a more simple life, but for now I keep forking over the price that these moments demand, because they truly are worth the price.

Leaf in a stream and mountain house with a lit window (diptych) © 2013 Julia Mason Wickes.

Leaves and moss and Melanie trying to get phone reception (diptych) © 2013 Julia Mason Wickes.

Hiking through Frazier firs at the top of Mt. Mitchell and view from the top of Mt. Mitchell (diptych) © 2013 Julia Mason Wickes.

Summit of Mt. Mitchell (diptych) © 2013 Julia Mason Wickes.

Rock painting in the front yard and fallen leaves in the stream © 2013 Julia Mason Wickes.

Yellow quilt and out of the way stop (diptych) © 2013 Julia Mason Wickes.

diptych- mountains & dad

View from the ridge and Papa Mason sketching a pig with Esme © 2013 Julia Mason Wickes.