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Posted by on February 21, 2013

It is snowing today and school was canceled. Jeff does not teach class today; he works at home on Thursdays. So here we are, all under one roof. I think we have a strange wizard muttering in our basement, but it is really just Jeff, reading his dissertation semi out-loud in the final stages of editing. How long, O Lord?
Esme’s art teacher told the children on Tuesday that if they went to bed with their pajamas inside out, flushed an ice cube down the toilet, and slept with a spoon under their pillow for two nights in a row, no less, then we would have a snowy day on Thursday. I have never in all my days heard of this before, but what do I know, being from Florida? Esme took this to heart and was very diligent for two nights in a row, placing spoons under her own and everyone else’s pillow, and holding up the bedtime preparation process by insisting that her garments be turned inside out before she would even consider putting them on. I did not know how thorough she had been until I went to bed several hours after she did and felt something strange under my pillow. Then I forgot about it all over again until this morning, when I yet again discovered a spoon while making the bed. The first night I removed it but I guess I slept with it there on the second night without knowing it. 
Well, it worked. The snow began around 10 am and has been falling steadily on and off, with a little bit of freezing rain mixed in. It is supposed to hail starting at 5:00 pm. Not exactly the idyllic snow day of our dreams, but we are making it through one hour at a time and if enough accumulates we might go play outside. We at macaroni and cheese about one hour after breakfast, because I just felt like making it, and the girls took a bubble bath a little while after that, so we are not particularly concerned about anything about this day being normal. I went to Target last night and bought some long overdue fresh art supplies– Crayola watercolors, tempera paints, paper, and hot pink glitter glue (Elsa talked me into that). My mind blanked out on what food we might need so I just bought Target brand Triscuits (“woven wheats”), and a bottle of merlot. Too bad it did not occur to me to buy some chicken stock or I would have made potato soup today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if there is ever an apocalyptic world-wide food shortage, we are going to have to hope that the Mormons take us in. 
But seriously, we soldier on through February. My house–particularly the floors– needs some serious attention right now which I am not enthusiastic about giving. You wouldn’t be either if you lived with these girls. I thought I could let them get into the art supplies just for a few minutes this morning so I could lie in bed just a tiny bit longer, but instead I heard a plaintive, “Mama, Elsa is dumping the glitter glue onto her watercolors. I mean a LOT!” 
No, it’s just one big supervision extravaganza around here if I don’t want the place totally torn to shreds, burned down, or someone poisoned. And even with supervision, they have their foot on the throttle while I attempt to apply the brakes– simultaneously, as the sparks fly upward. 
I have this new iPhone app (which assured me that it was one of the most popular apps among college students– oh boy!) that makes diptychs, triptychs, and ad infinitum-tychs, and I really like it, but I think I hit an option to add a label unintentionally, and then, without adding any label, and in total denial that I had selected the option to add a label, I hastily saved the image hoping that the blank white label box would go away after it was saved. It didn’t. Sorry, but this is just going to have to do for today. 
Addendum: We (Esme and I) made it out for a tiny bit of sledding even though the weather was too nasty to stay out for very long!
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