february childishness and a lecture on the man

Posted by on February 13, 2013

Full moon over the central west end © 2016 Julia Mason Wickes.

But Men Loved Darkness rather than Light

by Richard Crashaw

The world’s light shines, shine as it will
The world will love its darkness still.
I doubt though when the world’s in hell,
It will not love its darkness half so well.

* * *

Sometimes I grow weary of being upbeat and positive and all trendy-gratitudey-listy-n-stuff and I want to wallow in and dwell upon all the things in this world that mystify and anger me, because, yes, it makes me feel better. I suppose if there is a time of year set aside for that sort of childish wallowing– a time when it would be sanctioned and even recommended (in order to get it out of the system)– then it would be February. I want to shake my fist at restaurants that unabashedly serve el’ cheapo Kraft mac and cheese for a child’s meal and charge you $6 for it. I want to whine that Kangaroo Kids, that dumb children’s consignment store near our house, did not buy from me a pair of adorable toddler mary janes from The Gap in perfect condition, which, for the record, I did not really want to part with anyway, for sentimental reasons. And that the lady was unfriendly. I want to express outrage upon finding out that energy efficient light bulbs–which are practically bursting off the shelves at Target, saying, “buy me because you hardly have a choice and you are stupid if you don’t,” contain MERCURY, a substance which should be banished from the face of civilization but seems to keep cropping up again and again under the guise of progress (no, I did not have anything better to do on a weekday night–in a completely brain-dead state after wrangling my girls into bed– than watch a twenty-eight minute paranoid youtube documentary about light bulbs). Waa-waaa-waaa!

So in honor of my childish February mood, I give you Jack Black’s lecture on The Man. It never gets old.

Poetry Wednesday

  1. Kate T.
    February 13, 2013

    Lightbulb solidarity! I still buy incandescents because the light is prettier. I'm also less afraid of poisoning myself if I break one.

    I have approx. 600 items to add to your list, but thinking about them all at once makes me feel a bit ill. February in our house has become "month of spending too much money on dumb adult necessities like winter tires and a new thermostat." Personally, I am mystified as to how I became someone who requires either of these things. It must be the fault of the Man.

  2. Manuela
    February 13, 2013

    I think we should get together, share a bottle of wine and complain about the world together. Seriously though, I am so with you right now. I don't think I am cut out for this kind of life, the life that his world has to offer. But your post also made me laugh and that's a good thing.
    I miss you.

    P.S.: I am not sure how I missed your Sepia photos, but the first two are stunning.

  3. annajouj
    February 14, 2013

    Amen, sister . . . sometimes we all need a good healthy dose of justified cynical ranting 🙂

  4. Evelina
    February 14, 2013

    I particularly relate to your marry-janes-anger. Today I saw the cutest possible scarlet-red marry janes for toddler. 79,90 Euros! Aren't they speculating with human strive for cuteness?! Hey, my winter boots cost 99, for comparison!
    Anyway, today is also very chilly, a perfect day for whining here!
    And Happy Valentine! :)))

  5. Julia
    February 14, 2013

    In lieu of getting together in real life to drink wine, complain about the world, and stomp on a 600 item list of life's annoyances– these comments go very far toward making me feel a lot better. Thank you, friends! Happy Valentine's Day to all.