photo friday: sepia

Posted by on February 2, 2013

I was not able to post yesterday, so yet again I break the rules and am posting on a different day. Last weekend I took at walk in Forest Park here in St. Louis. It was very good to get away on my own. I have not explored Forest Park very much since we moved here. The park has plenty of trees, but they are very spaced out, so the park is very exposed to the sun. Spending time there seemed out of the question during the punishing heat waves we experienced in the summer months. We had one picnic there as a family in the fall and it was almost a little too cold to enjoy. After that, I just have been busy and have not thought much about it. But on a mild winter day I found it somewhat surreal to wander through it aimlessly by myself. I did not stick to the paths; I ambled through the grassy expanses. The space of the park is so vast that I barely saw any other people, and vast enough that I could trick myself into the sensation of being lost, so even though it is in the middle of the city, the experience of walking through comes very close to solitude in nature. I really liked that. I took many, many pictures, but when I got home, they all seemed washed out and disappointing to me– they didn’t reflect the starkness of the park or do justice to the experience of my walk. Tonight it occurred to me that switching them to sepia might be just the improvement they needed. It feels a little like cheating, but with this Photo Friday assignment I have the perfect excuse this week. So here are my photos from the walk I took through Forest Park. I was happy to discover this place so close to me. I’m sure I will be going back. Now I understand why everyone in St. Louis talks about it so fondly.
“For the child in all of us…a place where the sidewalk ends.”
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