photo friday: old and new

Posted by on August 10, 2012

This was a challenging theme for me. It just so happens that I started going through old photos and scanning them and got completely sucked in. My desk is now covered with old family photos spanning several decades, desperately in need of sorting and organizing. I thought that for this week, it would be fun to group together some combination of old and new photos that all possessed a certain kind of coherency. I uploaded a bunch and removed a bunch before finally deciding to keep the group very spare and only include these four. Maybe one day I will do an extensive digital project using old photos and putting together some spectacular project, but for the purpose of Photo Friday, I think this tiny little set is best.
The activity of sorting and scanning old photos puts me into a strange state of mind. The nice thing that I have discovered is that I find that I no longer view the awkward phases of my life in such a harsh light. I am grateful that I grew up in the last age of film cameras. Time causes printed photos to acquire that sepia haze that is so helpful in viewing the past in a gentler, more loving light, instead of a harsh, technically accurate one. It certainly helps the 80s to seem less awkward.
But as for the above photos, well, I was just a toddler in these, so there are no 80s style jeans or adolescent braces to reconcile with. And I think that the photos I found of each of my girls to include here, even though taken in the last several years, have a certain nostalgic quality about them. Maybe all photos acquire this quality if enough time passes, but some have it more than others right from the beginning.
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  1. Molly Sabourin
    August 10, 2012

    Wow, Julia, in those first two photos especially, the resemblance between you and Esme is uncanny. I like very much that you are able to view your inevitable awkward years in a gentler light these days. And I love seeing how everyone has interpreted this specific challenge. Love to you!

  2. Michele
    August 12, 2012

    This is puzzling: I always tought that you resemble Esme, on the basis of a pic you posted on fb where the similarities are striking.