photo friday: doors and windows

Posted by on June 29, 2012

These are not going to be artistic photos, oh no. But at the moment, we are in the middle of an abysmal heat wave, and the days are long and unpacking has come to something of a halt, and I discovered tonight that take-out pizza and several glasses of chilled white wine can go a long, long way to making Bob Marley suddenly sound like a really good music choice while cleaning up after dinner, and in general, of making the mood lighten. It also makes things like detangling your five year-old’s seriously tangled hair seem really easy instead of really hard. And that same wine also makes me say: “Sure, you can wear your plaid Christmas dress that you just pulled out of a storage box to the backyard movie night tonight at our neighbor’s house. You look great!” Why not?

Here are some doors and windows in our new house, which I would probably never post if not for having had those few glasses of white wine. I hope I don’t regret this:

Photo Friday

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  1. A M B E R
    June 29, 2012

    Oh, these were just the kinds of shots I was hoping to see! And I love that you can look out the window while you do the dishes.

    Also, may I mention that Esme's fighting Irish and Elsa's SVS t-shirts somehow bring your educational past with you into your new home.

    I am with you on needing white wine to make Bob Marley a good choice… and I hope the plaid Christmas dress went over well in the heat wave.

  2. Kate T.
    June 30, 2012

    I also love the backyard-from-the-sink view. So nice. I kind of want to paint all our woodwork white like yours, but I fear I'd regret it.

    Another great use of white wine, to similar ends: glug a bunch over a bowl of sliced sugared peaches. Chill. Eat the peaches. It's even healthy since, you know, fruit!

  3. Manuela
    June 30, 2012

    Well, I, too, am in love with the view outside from your kitchen sink. I also think it is a great photo.
    I can definitely tell you had some wine.It really does make life sometimes so much more fun.
    And not to care whether Esme wears a Christmas dress in 100 degree weather makes you a cool Mama.

  4. Veronika
    July 1, 2012

    I remember you saying very similar things about wine in the kitchen of that apartment building complex of SVS! I suddenly remembered so well the smell and feeling of spring there, mood of transition. Somehow it gave me a very strong sense of what it's like – your new house, new life, etc.

  5. Mark Janssen
    July 3, 2012

    i2ossi 72The sink/window/yard image is quietly delightful, a keeper. To my eye, the composition, colors, lighting and and toning are great.