onward & upward

Posted by on April 26, 2007


onward & upward

There really isn’t anything to write about. Spring here continues to be understated but still much appreciated. About 33.33% of trees are green, 33.33% just beginning to bud, and 33.33% are still totally bare. I put Esme in the wrap carrier today and decided we had to go somewhere. Since our apartment complex faces an unpleasantly busy street, I took us behind businesses to a new pastry shop that just opened up in a strip mall across from the Family Dollar. It was a Panera knock-off.

Then we went and looked around at the Family Dollar. Then we went to Sav-a-Lot next door and I thought it might be a good idea to pick up a few small things I could carry home: avacados and a three-pack of that spearmint gum that is packaged like medicine. But when I got to the line there was someone with an overflowing cart ahead of me and only one cashier working slowly, so I put the stuff back, and headed home, past Little Caesar’s Pizza, and through the blacktop parking lots of a bank, a movie theater, and a car wash.

Sometimes I wonder if Esme knows the difference between a walk in beautiful surroundings and ugly ones. I can’t tell. When I take her on walks at St Mary’s College, for example, I feel as if I’m exposing her to beauty and assisting in the development of her aesthetic sensibilities. But that’s probably my imagination. What I can tell for sure is that she picks up on my own moods and responses to our surroundings. So, for her sake, no matter where I am, I find myself maintaining a cheerful disposition and an eye for beauty. I snapped this shot on our way home.

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  1. Ser
    April 29, 2007

    I agree that it is largely our own response to a situation that creates an experience for our children, Julia. This scares me a bit. But also makes me realize that I need to make myself happy so that my kids can be surrounded by that happiness.

    And I love your last post. Oh, to get rid of the shell! It is a lifelong process, I think, and one that children are a great help in.