am-erica or am-biguity?

Posted by on May 4, 2006

The signs at the borders of Indiana say “Welcome to Indiana, The Crossroads of America,” implying that most people who come here are on their way to somewhere else.

Indiana keeps presenting me with signs like the one above, which I now pass on the way to and from my new summer job. Since coming here I have strained to read the blotted out signs, the wording where there was no wording, and finally, at last resort, the not-my-thoughts-and-not-my-ways, which are the thoughts and ways of God.

Kentucky is below, Michigan is overhead. Illinois and Ohio on either side, and the states beyond them haunt my consciousness in all their concreteness. But my address is cushioned within a square border of ambiguity– tracts of land lacking geographical features. So if you are Julia, and you are not just driving through, you might as well get comfortable in the ol’ crossroads state. The signs are just trying to be welcoming.

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  1. Lucy
    May 5, 2006

    once again, a fantastic photo. All the lines moving, growing, in contrast to the decrepit old sign.

    I love it.

  2. Charlie Brown
    May 5, 2006

    Seeing things, this sign, through your eyes changes my eyesight. I like the changing vision

  3. anna j
    May 5, 2006

    hey ya bum–what’s this “new summer job” that you have [not] told me about . . .? 😉