more all-american ruins, rust, and melancholia

Posted by on April 19, 2006

One day soon I am going to stop posting images of burnt out, rusted over, places of abandonment. But for now, I do find these places fascinating. I suppose they are the only real ruins that Americans have and ruins are inherently fascinating to anyone with the smallest spark of imagination.

This was an old drive-in movie theater we stumbled upon while stopping to eat on a road trip. The door is opening from the backside of what was once the outdoor movie screen, towering up over twenty feet into the sky. Behind the door was an old, rather scary toilet. We found this while driving along a back road that traced the edge of Lake Eerie. The field behind the slightly ominous, towering, lopsided screen was overgrown with tall, dried out brambles (I hope I don’t have to pay a royalty to (Smog) for using that word). There was also a concrete arch with a ticket booth attached, bearing the word “ENTER” on it, though I cannot imagine very many cars being able to smash through those…brambles…now growing up around it. This place reminded me of a haunting Joyce Carol Oates novel that I read once– We Were the Mulvaneys-– which took place in a remote farming area in upstate New York and was set…oh…several decades ago…when drive-in theaters, I imagine, still existed. If you’ve read the novel, and visited this place, you would know exactly what I mean. The girl in the photo is Dawn, a friend of ours who is also in J’s program at ND.

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  1. Lucy
    April 19, 2006

    oh more beautiful photos of weathered things. Julia, your photography is stunning!